If there’s one thing all Brits are proud of, it’s the NHS. Providing high-quality healthcare to people regardless of their wealth or their income, the National Health Service has helped millions of us stay healthy and get back on our feet following an illness. However, wonderful though the NHS is, there’s no denying waiting times can be hard to bear. With maximum waiting times for non-urgent treatment of up to 18 weeks, those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions can be in for a painful and frustrating few months.

Luckily however, there is an alternative. Choose to go private and be seen by us and you could be receiving the highest-quality care in days. Keep reading to find out more.

Why wait? 

Anyone who has suffered from musculoskeletal pain or related conditions in the past will know just how painful these complaints can be. However as lower back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulders and joint problems are generally considered ‘non-urgent’ by the NHS, sufferers may not be seen by a physiotherapist for months.

For those living with these conditions, this wait can be extremely difficult. Coping with pain on a daily basis can put a strain on your work and home life and some conditions can also become more serious if they’re not treated quickly.

Paying for treatment with Total Care Physio will ensure you’re seen and treated as soon as possible. Our highly skilled physiotherapists are able to tackle a wide range of conditions using both traditional and cutting edge techniques to get the best results for each individual.


Prevention is better than cure

 Although not all of the conditions we treat can be prevented, there are some that can. If you book a private appointment with one of our physiotherapists they’ll take the time to listen to you and to try and work out exactly what could be causing your problems. Having the time and the space to go in-depth into your medical background is an important part of treatment as often it’s repetitive actions, old injuries and other habitual activities that cause musculoskeletal problems.

Once they’ve identified the issue, our physiotherapists will be able to advise you on ways you can minimise the risk of a future relapse. If your condition is not preventable, they’ll talk to you about how physiotherapy can help to manage your pain and make everyday life that little bit easier.

If you’re currently suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, dizziness, balance problems, a sports injury, a frozen shoulder, tendonitis, muscle weakness, pregnancy-related problems or any other conditions that can be treated by a physiotherapist, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to find out more.