Sports Injury physio treatment in Norwich and South Norfolk Clinics

Sports Injury Physio Clinics

Sports Injury Clinics, Total Care Physio in Taverham, Norwich and Loddon, South Norfolk offer a tailored sports injury physiotherapy treatment programme to aid recovery from sports injuries and muscle strains.

Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, we can help you reach your goals and optimal performance.

Sports injuries can occur at any time during your chosen sport. Every time you step out to train or compete you potentially run the risk of an injury.

Not every injury will cause you to crumble to the ground, clutching the injured part (traumatic injury) but an increase in repetitive loading on your body can eventually build up, leading to excessive stress on muscles and joints leading to injury.

Common sports injuries include ankle sprains, pulled groin, hamstring strain, shin splints, anterior cruciate ligament tear, Achilles sprain, tennis elbow, planar fasciitis, hip bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, fractures, dislocations and low back pain.

Sports Injury Recovery and rehabilitation

Experiencing a sports injury during your training can be extremely distressing.

It is our priority to help you to recover and return back to your sporting activity as quickly as possible, enabling you to reach your full potential.

As an athlete, you need to learn to listen to your body, distinguish the good pain of exercising from the bad.

With rapid changes in direction, twists, sudden acceleration and abruptly slowing down or landing from a jump, your body will experience small stresses and strains.

Any change or build-up of pain may indicate this area is under excessive strain and needs reviewing to improve your technique or strengthen particular areas of your body.

Whether you have suffered a sudden traumatic injury or your symptoms started gradually, our dynamic approach, with specific individual rehabilitation programmes including guidance on the progression of exercises, will aid your recovery and return you to your best.

We are in a position to offer quick access to treatment and advice. We have access to specific effective treatments such as electrotherapy, soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, advice and guidance of when to return to sport and at what level, strength and conditioning, supportive taping, acupuncture and gait analysis.

For more information on Sports Injuries and how we can help, contact Sarah or Claire today.

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