3 top tips to rejuvenate your exercise regime

A new exercise regime can energise and excite us…at least for a little while. But what happens when you lose your mojo?

At Total Care Physio, we know only too well how staying motivated is probably your biggest battle after the first flush of exercise excitement has faded. So here are 3 easy tips for helping to maintain your motivation for a new fitness regime or challenge (like your first half marathon):

1. Too much, too soon?

Setting the bar too high is a classic pitfall that many people fall foul of. While challenging yourself is good, setting unrealistic fitness goals is a sure-fire route to failure, demotivation and possible injury! The last thing you want is for an old problem to flare up so be honest with yourself about your abilities and don’t be afraid to adjust your goals if you find yourself struggling. Many sports and fitness injuries that we see as physiotherapists are a result of people trying to do too much too soon. In the beginning, it’s far better to set yourself realistic, achievable targets.


2. Before you start – Get a body MOT from a qualified physiotherapist

Certain methods of working out are more suitable for people starting or even returning to exercise after a long absence. So it’s important to choose a program which works for you. For example, if you spend a long time at a desk or in the driving seat it makes sense to avoid exercises which might make your tightened hip muscles even shorter. A professional physiotherapist will be able to assess what exercises you can benefit from most and advise on the correct techniques.


3. Be honest – with yourself and your physiotherapist!

None of us are getting any younger (unfortunately) and many things can change if you’ve not exercised in a while. Have an honest conversation with your physiotherapist about your life, including general health, sleep patterns, diet and flexibility, as well as old or existing injuries. They can give you the guidance you need based on their expert knowledge of how the body works to ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively.


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