Infection Control

Guidance for Total Care Physio for safe guarding against Covid-19 and general infection control 

Please note this guidance is current as of the date listed above and reflects the advice and requirements for Total Care Physios’, Claire Emerson (CE) and Sarah Considine (SC), in the event of a discrepancy between this information and the information from Public Health England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), our guiding bodies.

This document summarises the advice for physiotherapists to operate in our own private practice clinics but may change in response to changes in the virus levels in our region of Norfolk, East Anglia, England.

Guiding Principles
  • Both Physiotherapists, CE and SC, will follow these guidelines at all times
  • The physiotherapist will have access to masks, eye protection, disposable aprons and disposable gloves (latex free) should it be needed.
  • If requested by CE or SC, the service user must wear a face mask during the whole appointment, their own or provided by the physiotherapist. The service user should not touch the mask during the appointment and is only to remove it once they have left the premise unless an emergency situation dictates otherwise.
  • The service user should be informed that they must wait in their car, or outside the premise if they did not arrive by car, until called for their appointment by the physiotherapist.
  • The service user will be given the option of increased ventilation within the treatment clinic by either having the door to the clinic and or windows in the clinic left open. The service user will be made aware that this could affect privacy and the temperature in the clinic.
  • Once the service user has left the practice the physiotherapist will do a full cleaning of the practice to disinfect and remove any visible dirt or debris. Cleaning products must be used according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • The physiotherapist will wash their hands as needed during the session and after treatment.
  • Physiotherapists will limit the exchange of paper with the service user and where possible will use electronic methods to share information.
  • The physiotherapist will launder their uniform at 60 degrees temperature or higher and be fully dried before next use.

Updated April 2024. Review date April 2025

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