Clinical Pilates in Norwich

Pilates Classes

Our APPI clinical Pilates classes in Norwich, Norfolk are a low impact exercise which can be varied greatly in difficulty to suit both men and women, from the beginner up to the elite athlete.

There are many different schools of Pilates but the APPI style of Pilates was created by physiotherapists and is supported by medical research.

APPI Clinical Pilates

APPI clinical Pilates can greatly benefit people recovering from injury, during the ante and post natal period, to generally tone up the body and to aid in the prevention of injury. The Pilate’s classes are designed to promote core stability, endurance, posture, flexibility, co-ordination and strength. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the stabilising muscles of the neck, shoulders, lower back, pelvis, and hips which in turn help to provide a stable platform for the arms and legs to move from.


Pilates Classes in Norwich

Our Norwich Pilate’s classes include posture re-education, standing exercises to strengthen the legs and improve your balance in addition to mat based exercises. Various equipment is used, for example soft balls, gym balls, rollers, small weights, resistive bands, Pilates circles, balance pads and spiky massage balls, to add further variety and challenge. The classes are usually of mixed ability and therefore different levels of the same exercise will be offered to accommodate the whole class. If you are a beginner to Pilates it is advisable to choose the beginner levels even if you feel you are able to do more. Please be aware that when participating in a Pilates class you should stop or try a smaller movement if any joint strain is felt. Also please ask for any help needed during the class from myself if any discomfort is felt. See our Pilates class times.

The classes last for one hour, are £9 per class, and you need to bring your own mat and towel for head support.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Classes need to be pre-booked as spaces are limited to allow individual help.


Pilates is a whole body workout

Everyday, through sustained postures at work, hobbies and sport, we tend to overuse one side of our body or certain groups of muscles more than others. This muscle imbalance can create extra stress on the joints and surrounding soft tissues which can increase the risk of pain and injury. We might simply put more weight down on one foot more than the other in standing, or from the way we use our bodies at work; especially from repetitive duties, or from the types of sports/hobbies we choose. Just like our car or boiler, our body can greatly benefit from “servicing” too! Pilates aims to rebalance the body and more specifically targets the stabilising muscles of the joints which may potentially decrease your risk of injury and slow down joint wear and tear. Pilates is a whole body work out and can be used as a single form of exercise or to complement your other activities by keeping your body better balanced and strong.


1:1 sessions

It is recommended that a 60 minute physiotherapy assessment is done prior to attending the class so that any particular joint problems or muscle weaknesses, tightness or imbalances are identified. This enables the physiotherapist teaching the pilates class to have a thorough knowledge of any problems so exercises can be adjusted to you if necessary.  After your assessment an individual home program will be given, adapted to suit your needs, for example, standing Pilates exercises or sport specific Pilates exercises only.


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